TMJ Mastery

Who attends TMJ Mastery?
This is a graduate course for Registered/Licensed Massage Therapists and is accredited with the College of Massage Therapists of Ontario, as well as in BC, SK, AB, MB, NS and NB. Accreditation for other areas will be sought as needed.
Course Overview
TMJ Mastery is a 3-day instructional workshop for Registered/Licenced Massage Therapists exploring intra-oral techniques used to treat masticatory dysfunction.

Included is a comprehensive study of the continuum of Articular Disc displacements and the techniques that may restore disc function or alter further degeneration.
Mastery is a lifelong learning process acquiring the tools to be a trusted authority, cultivating effective skills and the humility informed by knowing every answer brings many more questions.
Course Philosophy
Go to "The Course" page for a full description of the topics offered.

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John graduated in 1989 from Sutherland-Chan School in Toronto, Canada. He has presented at massage therapy conferences, international fitness symposiums, and written for a national massage therapy magazine.

John pursues excellence and since 1996 has focused on TMJ cases, recently declaring his practice "TMJ/Voice/Embouchure exclusive". To compel others towards this niche modality TMJ Mastery was created.
Founding Instructor:
John W. Corry, RMT
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  The Big Event
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Instructor's Welcome Video
Principles, Applications
and Disc Displacements
Video for The Big Event in June